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Star Wars Andor - Vel Sartha Funko Pop! WinterCon 2022 Exclusive

Star Wars Andor - Vel Sartha Funko Pop! WinterCon 2022 Exclusive

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Star Wars Andor - Vel Sartha Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure WinterCon 2022 Exclusive



Product Description:

Vel Sartha was a human Chandrilan female who was the cousin of Senator Mon Mothma. In 5 BBY, she led a team of rebels on a mission on Aldhani to steal a quarter's worth of the local sector's payroll. Together with her fellow rebels, Taramyn Barcona, Arvel Skeen, Cinta Kaz, Karis Nemik, and Imperial Lieutenant and inside man Gorn, they planned to infiltrate the Aldhani Garrison, steal the credits, and steal a Max-7 Rono freighter to escape in. However, just three days before the operation, Sartha met with rebel organizer Luthen Rael, who forced her to accept another man into her team, Rael's new acquaintance Cassian Andor, who was introduced as "Clem." Vel was upset by this, but agreed to do it when Rael threatened to call her operation off.

Despite the additional member, the team pulled off the heist, though they lost Barcona, Nemik, Gorn, and Skeen in the process. Not long after, Vel was tasked by Rael and his assistant, Kleya Marki, to kill Andor, as he knew too much about Luthen and his operation. Alongside Kaz, they began their search on Ferrix, but Sartha left for Coruscant and reunited with her family, Mon Mothma in particular.





CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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